Apprentice Challenges

apprentice challenges
Crazy Machines - New Challenges
In Crazy Machines - New Challenges 1.12 you have to build mechanisms.
FAKT Software GmbH
Printer's Apprentice
Printers Apprentice is a fantastic font manager for Windows 7, Vista & XP.
Lose Your Mind Development
Strategy Challenges Sampler
Edmark Corporation

Apprentice Challenges

The Apprentice 2 - Los Angeles
Get to be the apprentice of Donald Trump in Los Angeles.
Strategy Challenges
The Learning Company
GCC SignPal Apprentice
Amiable Technologies Inc.
Prose Challenges
DavidRM Software
Scholastic's I SPY School Days
I Spy School Days has the magic of the original PLUS dozens of new challenges.
Developed by Glenn M. Picher, Dirigo Multimedia, 142 High Street, Suite 321, Portland, ME USA 04101 voice: 207-761-6535, fax: 207-775-4372
VE LXi Apprentice
Scanvec Amiable
A popular tabletop emulation software used to play card games.
Atomic Worm takes the snake genre to a new dimension.
Charlie Dog Games
Fashion Apprentice
At fashion Apprentice you can play different kind of puzzle games.

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Apprentice Challenges

Strategy Challenges 2
Edmark Corporation
Bridge Apprentice
Practice bridge with Bridge Apprentice. It is perfect for the novice player.
Great Game Products, Inc.
Check out all of your favorite places on the internet.
3SwitcheD LITE
"3SwitcheD" offers six diversified challenges and uncounted hours of gaming fun.
Reality Pump
New Challenges 3 ActiveTeach
Pearson Education
KSA Challenges level
KSA Challenges level 5